Transformational Coaching for Women Over 50

Reawaken, Reenergize, and Reinvent your life – Coaching for Women over 50

If you’re new here, WELCOME you magnificent, amazing woman!

I’m a coach and I work with women over 50 to explore what I call their personal “Warrior Goddess” – the most authentic, joyful, kick-ass version of themselves. I help women to cultivate the strength, confidence, and commitment of the Warrior, and to reconnect with the intuition, grounded-ness, and wisdom of the Goddess.

Tell me, do any of the following situations sound familiar?

When you look back on your life are there things that you swore when you were young, you were going to do or have in your life? Things that somehow got lost along the way?

Do the priorities of others take up most of your days?

Are you unfulfilled or unhappy with your career, or any of your key relationships?

Do you jump out of bed in the morning, full of energy, eager for the day to begin? Or do you drag yourself out of bed and dig into the long litany of “to do” items, most of them for the benefit of other people?

Do you wonder who you were before you put yourself last?

Is this who you want to be for the rest of your life?

This is the place to safely explore these questions. A place to delve into ways to reawaken, reenergize and reinvent your life. To transform into a fierce and loving Warrior Goddess, living your authentic life.

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