What are you grateful for?

I am a firm believer in having a personal gratitude practice. Ideally, I try to spend a few minutes every day reflecting on what I’m grateful for in my life. But to be honest, I find that I slip into a destructive form of complacency, all too often. Instead of being grateful that I have a car, I get upset on the day that the battery dies. Instead of being grateful for the abundance of choices at my local grocery store, I’m annoyed when something I want is out of stock.

I think most of us, especially in the Western world, can slip into this form of entitlement all too easily. When I find myself being too negative, taking the gifts in my life for granted, I watch this video. It’s an elegant and beautiful meditation on gratitude. It’s just over six minutes, and well worth the time to watch.

What are you most grateful for in your life? Do you have a practice to acknowledge or celebrate what you’re grateful for? Comment down below.


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